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Chinese cave rescue experts work on plans to save trapped Thai soccer team in Chiang Rai, Thailand, on Wednesday. XINHUA

"Rescue is not a one-step process", says team leader

Wang Yingjie waited at the entrance to the cave, paying close attention to any sign that his fellow divers would emerge from the water. It would take more than six hours to dive from the entrance to their destination, far away in the depth and darkness.

He and his team are part of the rescue crew for a missing Thai youth soccer team found alive late on Monday after being trapped for 11 days. The 12 boys, ages 11 to 16, went missing with their coach on June 23.

"It"s not a good time to bring the teens out now," said Wang, leader of the Chinese team, which has been at the site in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, since Friday.

Lying beneath Doi Nang Non mountain, the Tham Luang cave stretches for up to 10 kilometers. It is one of the most difficult cave systems to navigate due to narrow passages and winding tunnels, and one of the most challenging for divers.

At the entrance, there is a sign prohibiting entry to the caves during the rainy season, which runs from July to November. Small huts have been built for keeping diving gear and other equipment, which are arranged in lines. Several teams of rescuers from several countries have been working in rotation round-the-clock.

"The most feasible solution is to help the kids dive out of the cave. No one can wait for four months in the cave until all the water is pumped out," Wang said. "What if the cave is flooded with more water?"

"The divers have been able to get into the water and find the kids without any information available on where they might be. So once we become familiar with this area and are well-prepared, we can definitely bring them out."

Two other options being suggested are draining water from the cave, or digging a hole from above to get the survivors out.

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